Onward and Upward, Our Instructors Are Making Big Moves!

In a year that has felt more like a decade to professional pilots in all airframes, news of forward progression almost seems too good to be true. Reports of continued pilot demand are often met with raised eyebrows and cynical whispers. “How can we bounce back from a year like 2020?” is a sentiment on the mind of the cautious aviator. Fortunately, at Leading Edge Flight Academy, in Bend, Oregon, there is tangible proof behind the numbers, giving hope to current student pilots that forward progression is still possible.

In February 2021, two flight instructors at Leading Edge received the good news that they will be moving on to the next step of their aviation careers. Tasha Foster, a fixed wing instructor, was welcomed to a first officer training class for Skywest Airlines, this March.

“Flying with Leading Edge was a wonderful experience. My career at Skywest is the next big step towards my ultimate goal of flying for an international airline,” Foster said as she announced the good news to her fellow Leading Edge team members.

TanneChurch, a helicopter instructor, has also accepted a position with Pollux Aviation in Alaska. Tanner recently achieved “Gold Seal” status as a Certified Flight Instructor with Leading Edge Flight Academy as well. A Gold Seal is the highest honor for a flight instructor,. It is without question that Tanner’s hard work helped pave the way into his next career.

“Flight Schools are probably one of very few organizations that want to see their employees move on to their next career. Seeing our Instructors land the jobs they have been hoping for brings us much excitement. We are so happy that Tasha and Tanner are moving forward in careers they are passionate about. Not only are their positions well earned, but their career move opens up instructor positions at our academy, allowing additional pilots to take their next step in the industry.” Courtney Massey, Director of Business Development, Leading Edge Flight Academy

Leading Edge Flight Academy anticipates more instructors moving on in the next few months. With a rise in cargo needs and an increase in passenger travel, the industry has announced job application windows re-opening in the coming months. Airlineapps.com recently announced the news of four airlines actively accepting applications. In January, Amazon announced the purchase of 11 Boeing 767 aircraft, to keep up with cargo demand. These positive headlines, along with the tangible career progression of their staff, gives Leading Edge a hopeful outlook on the year to come.

For over a decade Leading Edge Flight Academy (www.flybend.com) has specialized in training helicopter pilots, airplane pilots, and launching aviation careers. Leading Edge’s start-to-finish support and above industry standard training prepares students to meet their aviation goals. With a management team of pilots having over 37,000 cumulative hours and 100+ years in the industry Leading Edge knows what it takes to prepare students for a career in aviation. Their fully integrated operation is entirely focused on Student success. Located in Bend, Oregon with 300+ days of annual sunshine yields a productive and simultaneously challenging training environment to fully prepare students to achieve their aviation goals.