Propel Your Career as a Pilot With Night Vision Goggle Training

Night vision goggle training

Today’s commercial pilots need more than just the basics. At Leading Edge, we offer advanced training for those seeking additional certifications and ratings. From mountain operations courses to night vision goggle training, we offer training for some of the best professional pilots in the industry. Drop into the details of this FAA-approved night vision goggle course that prepares our helicopter pilots for the most advanced operational environments. 

Night Vision Goggle Training Initial Qualification and Endorsements

Our night vision course is for experienced helicopter pilots and requires the following prerequisites.

LEFA Course Prerequisites: 

  • Hold or obtain at least a third-class medical certificate.
  • Hold an FAA private pilot certificate or higher, with appropriate ratings or the equivalent licenses issued by a foreign military or regulatory agency
  • Have completed SFAR 73-1 2 (b) (2) (a) awareness training in the R44
  • Meet SFAR 73-1 2. (b) (2) (b) aeronautical experience requirements in the R44
  • Instructor endorsements are required for this course

FAA Requirements:

  • Obtain necessary dual instruction and ground training until the standards are met
  • Pass the LEFA written examination and oral check
  • Pass a LEFA Flight Check

Minimum Times: 

  • 6 hours dual (flight check included)
  • 8 hours ground 

What is Our Night Vision Goggle Training Course?

Leading Edge Flight Academy offers a comprehensive NVG training program with our technology partner, Night Flight Concepts (NFC). Night Flight Concepts offers the latest helicopter and aviation night vision technology and solutions. This pairs well with our commercial operators in EMS, first responder, law enforcement, or other agency roles. 

Our night vision goggle training at Leading Edge Flight Academy is essential to help participants build and maintain critical NVG handling skills required in their industry. We do this, in addition to training in the field, with computer-based training. 

Expect a Blended Training Model of Virtual and Hands-On Experience

NVIO™ night vision goggle (NVG) computer-based training (CBT) is a blended training system that integrates self-paced coursework in advanced virtual environments. It optimizes NVG training support programs for operators and maintainers. Knowledge is imparted through self-paced, interactive CBT modules following the latest instructional systems design methodologies. This virtual content is accessible via the internet 24/7, reducing reliance on expensive equipment that is logistically challenging to schedule around operations. Alongside the virtual training, you will spend time in our fully modified NVG-modified R44 with a G500H glass cockpit.

What Will I Learn? 

LEFA and Night Flight Concepts night vision training courses provide participants with an in-depth academic curriculum through an NFC computer-based training program. 

The learning program includes training on system capabilities and limitations, operational concepts and requirements, familiarization of equipment parts, and NVG operations and maintenance procedures.

There are three types of NVG programs we offer at Leading Edge:

  • A pilot’s initial qualification that authorizes pilot-in-command privileges and meets 61.31 (k).
  • An instructor pilot course that meets 61.195 (k) and results in instructor authorization to perform night vision goggle pilot-in-command qualification training to meet 61.31 (k) and recent flight experience requirements under 61.57 (f) and (g).
  • Recurrent Training: NVG recent flight experience 61.57 (f) and NVG proficiency check 61.57 (g).

Get Night Vision Goggle Training at Leading Edge Flight Academy

So whether you’re seeking initial qualifications with night vision goggle training, instructor authorization to perform NVG training as pilot-in-command, or recurrent training, get all three at Leading Edge. Our FAA-Part 141 approved program ensures you get the industry standard in professional pilot training. Our passion to educate pilots and equip them beyond the basics of their job requirements ensures this. 

Interested in NVG training? Contact us for more details on this advanced training opportunity.