Top 3 Things Our Students Love Most About Flying Lessons

flying lessons

There are plenty of perks to living life up in the air. The views from above give our students a special vantage point from which to appreciate Oregon’s most popular city for recreational fun. Here in Bend, there are plenty of flying clubs and social connections to enjoy. Check out our students’ list of top things they love most about their flying lessons in Bend, Oregon. 

The Terrain for Flying Lessons

We have a unique blend of environments to gain experience in Central Oregon. Coastal, mountainous, and high-altitude terrains are all within a relatively short distance of one another.

Thanks to the natural training ground of our high-altitude surroundings, Leading Edge has courses like mountain flying operations that prepare pilots in variable conditions. The weather patterns, terrain, and pilot skills required to fly in mountainous regions are unique. This is an excellent geographical region for helicopter pilots to practice real-world applications of ridgeline, pinnacle, confined area, and high-density altitude operations. 

The Leisure Fun 

Many different leisure activities are available to do in your off-time from flying lessons. From mountain biking to white water rafting to exploring the Old Mill District, you can find almost anything to do while relaxing in Bend. Not to mention, Bend has an award-winning restaurant scene and plenty of entertainment options, including summer headlining concerts at the Hayden Homes Amphitheater

Our students love free events like the seasonal farmers markets, the Munch and Music summer concert series, and floating the Deschutes River with friends. And when you’ve tried all that, there’s always fishing, camping, and hiking up at the High Lakes. 

The Quality of Life and Academic Connections

The quality of life here in Bend is simply outstanding. We have excellent schools, healthcare, parks, nature preserves, and support systems for our community members. And living in a mid-sized city naturally has its perks. While seasoned locals have noticed the growth over the years, for most people, it feels busy enough to enjoy all the entertainment without the crowds. 

Students specifically can enjoy the benefits of rich academic connections with local aviation science degree programs at Central Oregon Community College, including financial aid support, tutoring, academic support, and more. Leading Edge Flight Academy also has great local flying clubs where students can meet others who share their love of aviation as they develop their careers. 

Take Flying Lessons Somewhere You Love 

While we launch students’ successful flight careers throughout the United States and beyond, many choose to make Bend their home over the long term. We are connected to many reputable helicopter and fixed-wing companies excited to consider graduates of our flight programs and opportunities for becoming flight instructors at Leading Edge

This is a great way for students to earn their remaining required flight hours for other pursuits like commercial aviation while some discover their love of teaching and choose to stay in the program. Wherever your love of flight takes you, you can rest assured that flying lessons in Bend, Oregon are some of the best in the world.