Experience the Life of a Pilot with Discovery Flights

Discovery flights

It’s one thing to describe the euphoria of flying, but another thing entirely to experience it for yourself. Discovery Flights are made for this reason! Step inside one of our training Cessna 172 Skyhawks and let a Certified Flight Instructor hand you the controls for a brief taste of piloting your own aircraft. Sound like the perfect way to spend an afternoon? Here’s what you need to know to come fly with us!

Get the Wind Under Your Wings With a Discovery Flight

Before you take to the skies over Bend, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork. Anyone over the age of 10 can participate in a Discovery Flight with Leading Edge, but they’ll need the permission of a parent or guardian to do so first. 

Once the paperwork is signed, you’ll get a tour of our flight school and get briefed on your training craft for the day: the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Your instructor will introduce you to the workhorse of our training fleet. It’s the aircraft our airplane students learn to fly first and complete their check rides in.  

What Should I Bring On My First Discovery Flight? 

Before you’re buckled in and taxied to the runway for takeoff, here’s a list of some good things to bring on board. First, pack light for this experience! You’ll need a jacket since temperatures drop once you’re up in the air. A water bottle is always a good idea, and a pair of sunglasses, too. Beyond that, all that’s required is a sense of adventure! Your Certified Flight Instructor will do the rest. 

How Long Is Your Average Discovery Flight?

Our average Discovery Flight ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what you’ve booked. First, our Certified Flight Instructor will briefly tour the area and show you some basic in-flight maneuvers like making loops and turns. Then, if you wish, you’ll learn how the plane handles and take control of the aircraft briefly! 

If not, you can kick back and enjoy the sights. If you haven’t seen Bend from the air before, you’re in for a spectacular view. You’ll fly over downtown and see the Old Mill District and the Deschutes River from the air, heading up towards Mt. Bachelor to catch some alpine views and then wind your way back toward the flight school. 

Explore Careers in Aviation After Your Real-World Flight Experience 

After having a taste for flight, you might be curious about what your future in aviation could look like! Pilot career development opportunities are an important benefit all Leading Edge Flight Academy students have after earning their ratings and passing their final check ride. 

Students who pass through our program gain real-world connections and referrals to our trusted aviation partners like Ravn Alaska, Horizon Air, Skywest, and for helicopter pilots, Temsco Helicopters, and Pollux Aviation. If you’re curious about a future in aviation, email us at launch@flybend.com to set up your half an hour slot for a Discovery Flight and start the journey today!