5 Great Reasons To Pursue Aviation Careers

The perks of aviation careers are not understated. Choose from several rewarding career paths as a pilot—including government, private aviation, aviation schools, and commercial airlines. In addition, a flying career opens the door to many exciting lifestyle benefits. Let’s explore this in-demand profession and the benefits of learning to fly with Leading Edge Flight Academy! 

A Thrilling and Adventurous Lifestyle 

From take-off to landing, a future in flight is filled with incredible opportunities. Many of our graduated pilots fly daily tours through the Grand Canyon, lead air resupplying missions for cross-continent adventure races, or shuttle wildlife biologists into and out of remote areas of Alaska for wildlife tracking and data collection. And while not every part of the job is like a Hollywood movie, it’s usually packed with adventure. So if you seek a job with thrill and variety, aviation careers are the right next step. 

A Chance to See the World With Aviation Careers

The pilot lifestyle often includes a love of travel. Whether in the air fighting forest fires or shuttling commercial passengers from A to B, you’ll wake up to new horizons every week. Seeing the world from above is a huge perk of being a pilot. Your career takes you to far-flung places or, like commercial pilots, centers you in some amazing cities. Jet-setting the globe, enjoying new landscapes, and some amazing vantage points are some of the best aspects of pilot life. 

Professional Growth and Job Security

According to several projections, U.S. airlines expect to experience a “tsunami of pilot retirements” across the industry, calling on the next generation of aviation professionals to fill the void. Aviation careers are abundant and expected only to increase in demand over time. Being a pilot is a highly skilled position that takes years of experience and qualifications, meaning the compensation also reflects this specialization and responsibility.

Aviation Careers Provide Great Compensation

Part of planning any aviation career path is looking at your industry’s demand and salary projections. While we can’t promise you’ll make a certain amount of money as a pilot (salaries vary depending on your industry, experience, and where you live), it’s safe to say that you’ll maintain a competitive salary at your place of employment. Pilots, whether in an early career phase (first officer) to captain, earn an annual salary between $50,000 to $250,000 per year. 

Enjoy Responsibility and Leadership? Have a Rewarding Career in Aviation

Love taking on responsibility and leadership roles? Likely, you’ve got a future in the sky. Pilots are trained to take a high level of responsibility for their safety and the safety of others. Knowing the plane inside and out is the first phase of pilot training; then comes the leadership skills responsible for making good decisions under pressure, troubleshooting, and being in command of a sophisticated aircraft. Constant training and certification helps pilots stay ready for any challenge or unexpected problem. 

Train as a Fixed-Wing or Helicopter Pilot with Leading Edge

Live for the view above the clouds? Ready to watch your career take off? Leading Edge instructors are experts in training the next generation of pilots for their aviation careers. Make a transition from military flight training into fighting forest fires as a helicopter pilot or discover your love of passenger jets and train to fly commercially with our fixed-wing program. Paired with diligence and a lot of hard work, you can get there faster than you think.

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