Helicopter Schools in Oregon Have These Other Perks

helicopter schools in oregon

Tailoring your flight program to your career goals is essential for helicopter pilot training. Maybe you want to fight wildfires, work in the utility sector for a private company, or take your work overseas. Selecting helicopter schools in Oregon means exploring a variety of perks for your training. Bend offers four seasons, epic views from the cockpit, a thriving alumni class of pilots, and many other signs of a quality flight program. Train with Leading Edge and explore the benefits of helicopter pilot training in Oregon. 

Trust Our Strong Connection to Continuing Education Programs 

While the training curriculum, instructor experience, competitiveness of the program, and student flying hours are all essentials for nailing down the right flight school for you, one unique aspect of our helicopter school in Oregon stands out. It’s the connection to respected continuing education programs. 

At Leading Edge, we understand how important it is to plan the next steps for your future. This can involve earning private certified flight instructor certificates while also earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Aviation Science. Our strong ties to the Central Oregon Community College (COCC) Degree program give students great financial aid options and the convenience of joining us to complete their flight school hours.

Students seeking a Bachelor’s degree in aviation can consider finishing their degrees at the Oregon Institute of Technology or Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, both of which Leading Edge refers students to regularly. 

Expect a Strong Alumni Class of Trained Professional Pilots and Real-World Industry Connections

There’s no better referral for a great flight school than its graduated class of pilots. A smart way to choose a good helicopter school in Oregon is to review their alum careers and see where past flight school graduates work. This opens the door to new career ideas while also showcasing reputable companies that hire flight school graduates. Student pilot testimonials are an important way to get feedback from previous classes to assess a program’s credibility. 

Enjoy Sales-Tax-Free Living While Attending Helicopter Schools in Oregon 

Flight school is a financial commitment. In addition to the cost of flight school, you may need to factor in sales tax. Oregon, however, is one of only five states in the U.S. that does not have sales tax. While this might seem like a small perk, it can make a difference in affording flight school! Living in a sales-tax-free state also means more opportunities to explore the amazing free recreation Bend offers. 

Seek Plenty of Outdoor Adventures in Your Free Time

Flight school is fun, but while on a study break outside the classroom, it’s refreshing to get outside and enjoy the bountiful Central Oregon landscape. World-class waterfalls, rafting adventures, fishing trips, and alpine lakes beckon in this gemstone of the High Desert. 

Bend is more than a place to live; it’s a destination for thousands year-round, loved for its abundant access to outdoor adventures. Get a day of climbing in at Smith Rock, or cool off in the Deschutes River and take your turn taming the river wave. The possibilities are endless! 

Research Helicopter Schools in Oregon And Prepare For Take-Off

Factors like flight school reputation, industry connections, cost, and the lifestyle of your school’s location are all good considerations before choosing a flight school in Oregon. Interested in exploring our flight training programs a bit further? Contact Leading Edge to learn about our 20 years of experience getting students safely into the air and equipped for their future in flying helicopters!