Get the Lowdown on Using Your G.I. Bill® for Helicopter School

Get the Lowdown on Using Your G.I. Bill® for Helicopter School

Harnessing the benefits of your G.I. Bill® for helicopter school is a fantastic way to maximize the entitlements of your military service and pursue an exhilarating career in aviation. At Leading Edge Flight Academy, we provide our students with thorough guidance on the different paths available, ensuring they are well-equipped to make a decision that best suits their journey and goals.

Two Paths to Leverage Your G.I. Bill® for Helicopter School

There are two primary paths for students seeking Chapter 33 Post-911 G.I. Bill® benefits for helicopter flight school at LEFA. Each path presents unique opportunities that cater to various student needs, and understanding the ins and outs of each route is essential to ensure you are making the most out of your available benefits.

It’s important to understand that The G.I. Bill® does not cover the private pilot when only working with a flight school. However, when working through the college, the private pilot is included. Once you have your private pilot certificate, the G.I. Bill® can be used for further training toward your commercial helicopter license, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating, Certified Flight Instructor–Instrument (CFII) rating, and various add-on ratings.

Let’s explore the two main options for using your G.I. Bill® for helicopter training.

Option 1: Partnering with COCC

The first option involves partnering with Central Oregon Community College’s (COCC) aviation program. The COCC aviation degree is approved for the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill®, meaning they have a pre-approved curriculum for helicopter flight training that qualifies for full coverage under the G.I. Bill® (depending on your remaining entitlement). This can be a fantastic option for veterans seeking a comprehensive program that covers all the steps, from private pilot certificates to commercial licenses and beyond.

Things to Consider With COCC Aviation

  • Full Coverage: This program offers full coverage for eligible veterans under the G.I. Bill® (depending on your remaining entitlement).
  • Structured Curriculum: The COCC program follows a pre-approved curriculum, ensuring you receive all the required training.

Option 2: Direct Enrollment With LEFA

The second option allows you to enroll directly with LEFA for flight training. While the G.I. Bill® won’t cover the entire cost in this scenario, you can still receive a significant reimbursement for your training. Veterans who are eligible for full coverage can expect to receive approximately $14,881 per year in reimbursement for flight training completed directly with LEFA (subject to change, based on eligibility and course enrollment totals).

Things to Consider With LEFA Direct Enrollment

  • Partial Coverage: Once you have exhausted your benefits, you will be responsible for paying the remaining training invoices. LEFA has various student loan partners with whom you can discuss lending options.
  • Flexibility: You have more flexibility to choose your training pace and customize your program to your specific goals.
  • Additional Costs: You’ll be responsible for covering costs exceeding the G.I. Bill® reimbursement amount.

LEFA Is Here to Help

Regardless of the path you choose, LEFA is here to support veteran aviators. Our team of experienced instructors is passionate about helping veterans achieve their flight training goals.  We offer a variety of programs specifically designed for aspiring helicopter pilots, and we can help you navigate the G.I. Bill® process.

If you’re ready to explore your options further, we’re here to help. We’ll answer your questions, help you determine the best option for using your G.I. Bill® for helicopter school, and guide you toward a rewarding aviation career. Contact us today.