Our Helicopter Flight Lessons in Bend Train Tomorrow’s Pilots

Helicopter flight lessons

Helicopter pilots are in high demand across industries. That’s partly due to the increase in industries seeking to employ them (utility and gas, medical, firefighting) colliding with a known shortage created by retirement, the cost of flight training, and shifting regulatory requirements. Leading Edge Flight Academy wants to change that. We started as a helicopter school devoted to training the next generation of rotor-wing pilots. And we’ve only picked up speed on this goal with the recent expansion of our helicopter training facilities at the Bend Municipal Airport. Here are some unique ways we are doing our part to fulfill the crucial shortage of pilots with helicopter flight lessons in Bend, Oregon.  

Earn Your Hours Requirements Faster With LEFA

The industry standard most companies require before they employ a helicopter pilot is 1,500 to 2,000 flying hours. This is for safety and experience but can frustrate new pilots seeking work. For context, most new pilots graduate their helicopter flight lessons in Bend with only 200 to 300 hours of flight training. This creates a massive opportunity gap before helicopter pilots can earn in the field. 

Gaining these hours can take up to five years. But LEFA seeks to expedite flying hours fulfillment for new pilots, which is why, if you have a college degree and are hired with Leading Edge, you can get paid while you earn hours as a certified flight instructor.

Approximately 80 percent of the helicopter students currently flying with Leading Edge are also enrolled in the Central Oregon Community College program.

Our flight instructors fly an average of 70 hours per month, meaning that pilots dedicated to their flight instruction time can earn the industry-standard 2,000 hours in two years, progressing quickly to their next aviation job. 

Industry Partnerships to Fast-Track Your Success

Learning to fly is about more than just logging hours in the cockpit. It’s also about your industry connections. These partnerships are crucial stepping stones to getting your career off the ground. That’s why pilot career development is something we focus on at Leading Edge Flight Academy. 

Thanks to our industry partnerships with Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, Temsco Helicopters, and Pollux Aviation Alaska, our pilots go straight from training under our wings to our respected industry partners. Job training, interview prep, and career endorsements help our students reach the next level. And we are proud to further their hard work and years of investment by helping them advance. 

Financing Options to Make Helicopter Flight Lessons in Bend More Accessible

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: flight training is expensive. However, there are plenty of resources to help plan, offset, and sometimes tap into funded benefits—like the Post-911 GI Bill benefits for veteran students. Scholarship funds are also available when you’ve found a flight program you want to attend. 

Additionally, as an FAA Part 141-approved program, we provide higher-quality training in a lower-cost environment than other schools. This means students can earn their hours requirements faster as CFIs than other schools, which ultimately gets them earning as employed professionals years ahead of their peers. 

Enjoy the Ride (and the Views) in Bend 

Learning to fly in Bend, Oregon, is more than just job training; it is a feast for the eye. Whirl around glacier-made lakes, catch a sunrise from 10,000 feet, and enjoy the sight of a snow-capped peak up close. It’s much more than just a skillset; it’s a way of life. Feel challenged, get the daily thrill of take-offs and landings, and enjoy the scenery simultaneously. 

Training Sought-After Pilots Daily at Leading Edge Flight Academy

Our mission at Leading Edge Flight Academy is to train effective and experienced helicopter pilots for all industries that need them, now and in the future. If you’re seeking helicopter flight lessons in Bend, joining our program means you’re in expert hands. Consider starting your journey by contacting us about our flight programs for rotor wing students, and watch your future take flight!