What is Flight Training?

We hear it all of the time: “I want to get my private pilot license in two weeks.” Now, to an outsider, that may not seem outrageous; after all, the private pilot rating only requires 40 hours of flight time for FAA part 61 minimums. But those hours are more than just sitting behind the controls and building time. Most flight training isn’t as much about flying as it is about learning what to do when something doesn’t go as planned. Most people are capable of flying an aircraft; however, things get tricky in high-pressure, unexpected situations – and that is what a good flight school is going to help you work through in your flight training.

At Leading Edge, we don’t want you to cram in your hours to get a rating. We want to build your confidence and understanding of what is happening when you are behind the controls.

How Long Does Flight Training Take?

The average time to get a private pilot license is four months. Why so long? One main reason that may seem shocking: we believe that you should not fly every day. We have not met one person who needs to fly daily to gain proficiency. There is a certain burnout point for each student – generally, getting in the air more than five times a week is a waste of time and, more importantly, a waste of money. You can’t soak in all of the knowledge and continue to progress if you aren’t taking time on the ground to process, review, and “chair fly.” Don’t let a flight school waste your money on countless hours in the air. Most of the time, you can nail down concepts sitting in a chair, staring at a cockpit poster – and that, my friends, is free.

The other reason two weeks to get a private pilot license is a bit accelerated is that although you may be very talented and sharp, sometimes wrapping your head around certain flight maneuvers and procedures can take time. Don’t rush yourself through your private rating. It is well worth taking the time to feel confident, and most importantly, safe, before moving on to the next thing. Ask questions, practice, and give yourself a little room to grow. Most people take more than 40 hours to get their private rating, with the average typically being 60 hours. So don’t be ashamed if it takes you some extra lessons to learn a new concept. The flight school staff expects this, and they want to work with you until they know you are ready to launch!

Want to to learn more for yourself about what is flight training? Get in touch with us or email launch@flybend.com and schedule a tour of our school and take a discovery flight in one of our aircraft. We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to our greatest passion: the world of flight.